Feature updates, information and improvements

30.11.2023 | Heatpress Station, Status change, Rule Platen Face
  • With this update we are adding a Heatpress Station to which all DTF items are automatically routed
  • You now have the opportunity to manually influence the status of an order. To do this, simply go to the order details page and click on the 3 dots
  • A new rule for our Rule Configurator: Do you want to print a hoodie on the front with the 10×12 plate and on the back with the 14×16 plate? Make a rule! This rule is only available for orders via API with HighRes.
  • We have improved our Myze app
02.11.2023 | Separate batching lists, SF International
  • With the introduction of Print Faces in Myze, this update provides the option of generating batch lists based on the method. For example, you can now generate a batch list that only contains sublimation (mugs)
  • For the Asian market, we have included the connector to SF International in this update. SF International supplies many of the Asian countries.
04.10.2023 | URL Preview optional, Order Routing, Single Batcher
  • If you want to send an order via Myze Api, the preview URL is now optional. In this update, Myze generates the preview from your product image and the high-resolution image.
  • Once you have partnered with another Myze account, you can now route orders using the Rule Configurator.
  • Do you work with delivery notes in your production and produce order by order? Then you can now use the Single Batcher and have QR labels generated for the items on the delivery note. The feature requires that the orders are created with the original OrderID in Myze beforehand.
  • Aftership: new shipping platform is connected. You can now connect your Aftership account to Myze and generate shipping labels.
  • Many improvements
06.09.2023 | Mark Waiting Items as ordered, Optimizations:
  • Keep track of items that are not in stock. Now you can mark in the Waiting-Item-Table the items you have already ordered from the wholesaler
  • Many improvements
25.07.2023 | Rule Configurator, Partnerships and more:
  • Rule Configurator: With the new update, a rule configurator is available in Myze. Depending on the condition, you can assign different plate sizes. Example: You have a shop where the hoodie should be printed with the 14×16 plate. But another shop should use 10×12. Simply create a rule.
  • Partner ID: A prerequisite for one of our exciting features is to generate a partner ID in Myze and share it within the Myze network. With the next updates it will be possible to use rules and send orders to partners, for example to another continent.
  • Many improvements
05.07.2023 | DTF and Cancelling
  • DTF (Beta): In the latest version, Myze supports the DTF process. In the article designer an article can be marked as “Direct to Foil”. This article is marked as DTF in the overview. In the fulfilment flow, a DTF article skips all stations and can be scanned directly at the printing station. A screen is displayed to the operator. Via Picking&Labelling: Myze downloads the png file into a folder on the desktop called “DTF_Date-Time”, so that the operator can create his DTF sheet as desired. Via Batching: Myze downloads all png of the DTF marked items into a folder “DTF_Batch-ID_Date-Time” on the desktop
  • Cancelling: You can now cancel any order, regardless of its status, via the order overview. A corresponding screen is displayed to the operator
  • Many improvements
22.06.2023 | Cancel-Screen, Trail version & more
  • Fulfillment Cancel Screen: If an item is scanned in the Fulfillment Flow that was previously cancelled, a screen is now displayed to the operator.
  • Additional Item Document: We have extended our Api and now allow the receipt of additional documents (PDF) for the individual item, such as EAN labels. These labels are printed automatically after scanning at the shipping station according to the preselection of the label printer
  • Trail version: With this update, a trail version of Myze is available, based on the Premium Plan
  • QR production labels: We have udapted the layout of the labels so that the order ID is fully visible. In addition, you will now also find DTG on the label
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