On Demand Workflow for DTG, DTF and Embroidery

Produce quickly and effectively by minimizing errors while Myze helps you with the QR code-controlled workflow.

Pick your products from the warehouse item-by-item or generate a batch to be able to produce your open orders effectively and quickly. Myze offers you various fulfillment stations to choose from. You decide whether you want to have quality control in your workflow or whether you want to use the shelf sorting function. By the way: you can also customize the production label.

  • Picking or Batching

    Myze offers you two ways to process orders. Either by picking item by item at the Picking & Labeling Station and getting QR labels printed out, or by having a batching list generated in advance in the order overview to be scanned at the batching station later. Myze rips the print files in the background and automatically prints out a QR code label for each item.

  • Generate a Batch List

    The Myze batch list is a picking list with all the products you need to get from the warehouse. There is a QR code on the list that you can scan at the batching station to begin processing open orders. The Myze app automatically prints out QR code labels for you.

  • Pretreatment Station

    If you have configured a product or the color of the product so that pretreatment is necessary, Myze will show you what to do after scanning the QR code at this station. By the way: If you first scan the QR code at a different station, the operator will see that the product is at the wrong station.

  • Printer Station

    Orders that require the DTG process are processed at the printer station. Myze takes care of the ripping or sends the finished print file directly to your Brother printer. The Brother GTX4, GTXpro, GTXpro Bulk and the GTX600 are supported.

  • Heat Press Station

    Items that have been configured with DTF are automatically sent to the Heat Press Station, where you will see that a DTF sheet needs to be pressed on. If you have assigned a storage location to your sheet, this station will also show your operator the storage location of the DTF sheet. If there is more than one position, you can jump back and forth between the tabs on the station.

  • Embroidery Station

    You can send embroidery orders to Myze via API and fulfill them via Embroidery Station. Myze shows you the different positions in tabs and makes the embroidery file available for you to download. Here too, always use the identical QR code of your product.

  • Mug Sublimation Station

    Yes, Myze also supports sublimation. You can process mugs and use the identical QR code, scan at this station and see the preview of the mug and download the HighRes print file. A second scan triggers a status change as well as the printing of another QR label because a mug is packed individually.

  • Quality Control

    Depending on the configuration, Myze guides you to quality control according to the respective finishing method. Quality is important which is why Myze offers you various buttons in case you are not satisfied, to note a printing error or to announce that the wrong product was printed.

  • Shelf Sorting

    In case you activated this station in your configuration, Myze will show you a compartment in which the product should be placed if an order consists of more than one item. This means you can easily produce randomly. At the end, Myze always brings all the items together to form a complete order using shelf sorting.

  • Shelf Overview

    A dedicated large screen runs the Shelf Overview Station. This station shows you in green which boxes are ready for shipping, i.e., a box compromisig all scanned products of an order.

  • Shipping Station

    At the shipping station, you pick up products from the shelf boxes and scan them item by item until all have been recorded. If an item is missing, Myze will not complete the order nor print the shipping label automatically. By the way: You can also send other documents such as EAN labels via API, which will be automatically printed out at this station after scanning.

No space for an optimised workflow through the Myze fulfillment stations?

Are you currently starting the day with a few orders or simply don’t have space for our Myze stations? That’s not a problem, because Myze offers you a quick and easy way to produce your orders at one station with the “One Station View”.

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