Features: Analytics, Workflow and E-Commerce

A platform with useful functions that will simplify your daily life and give you time to concentrate on what is important.

Manual ripping and sending the print file via USB stick to the printer? That was once. With Myze and its useful functions, the cloud platform takes on quite a few tasks that you deal with every day. You can see what Myze can do in the function overview. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.

  • User management

    Manage your team and assign different user rights such as company manager or fulfillment operator, depending on the skills of your employees.

  • Production facility

    Manage all your production sites to send orders to the right location or view printer performance by location.

  • Partnerships

    With the Myze partnership, you can define a rule that an order should be sent to a partner if, for example, the delivery country is America but you are based in Germany.

  • Analytics

    Take a look at the performance of your printers in detail and get information about possible errors. In the dashboard we show you values in widgets.

  • Product management

    Manage your own product catalog. You determine which refinements should be possible. DTG, DTF, Embroidery and Sublimation (Mugs) are available to you.

  • Stock management

    We offer you simple inventory management so that you always know how many products you have in stock. You decide what should happen if a product is out of stock.

  • Print profiles

    You decide how Myze should generate your graphics for printing because you define the profiles yourself based on categories, colours or even for individual products. Hence, you can combine quite a few things to get the best printing result.

  • Article management

    You can create Articles in Myze by selecting a blank product from your catalog, uploading a motif and specifying the finishing technique. Give it a name and the Article is created in Myze including its own item SKU.

  • Template Designer

    We provide you with a designer with whom you can design motifs or create templates within Myze. In a template you define what the end customer can edit. This is how you sell personalisation.

  • Sales platforms

    Link your Myze account to Shopify, WooCommerce or other major sales platforms with just a few clicks to receive orders. Of course, Myze returns a status to the platforms so that customers are informed.

  • Custom Store

    Would you like to link a platform to Myze that is currently not supported? That's no problem. You can use our custom store and Myze API to connect any platform to Myze. Please see our API documentation.

  • Production workflow

    Produce as easily as possible, without errors and much faster than before. With our workflow, Myze generates pick lists for the warehouse and production labels with a QR code for scanning at stations such as pretreatment, printer, quality control or shipping.

  • Fulfillment Stations

    Prepare print files for the DTG process for your Brother printers, a heat press station for DTF transfers, an embroidery station with embroidery positions that you specify yourself or a mug station. Myze offers you all of this.

  • Rules configurator

    If you have special cases in your production, our rule configurator is very helpful. Route an order to a Myze partner or use a different printing plate if a special rule applies.

  • Creator POS solution

    Bringing personalisation to the point of sale? Using touch displays and our templates, you can offer custom designs directly in the store and also produce them directly thanks to our compact printers. Manage tablets, collections and print very easily via our dedicated POS order overview.

Get to know our production flow

With Myze you can work with on-demand textile printing much more easily and with minimal errors, because everything works by scanning a QR code at one of the fulfillment stations. Find out more here: → Myze Workflow

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